Depending on where in the world you're from at this time of the year, you're either out riding your usual bike on chilly paved roads, or your bike is tucked away in a corner of your garage, while you're snuggled up beside the fireplace longing for sunny days to return. If you fall into the latter category, and really want to keep riding your bike despite the snowy weather, well, you could get yourself a fat bike, or even a small snowmobile. 

Now, if you wanted to be thrifty about your space—but not necessarily your expenses, then FasterBikes' newest tech may just be right for you. FasterBikes is an Austrian company that specializes in e-bike components, and its newest product, the S-Trax Snowbike conversion kit is a surefire way to get your bicycle—both electric and otherwise—ready for a snowy excursion. Up front, the wheel is replaced by a ski that is said to offer smooth control and low-friction gliding over the snow. Meanwhile, transfering power to the ground is a "crawler" unit at the rear, consistig of  tracks and rollers. 

Depending on the bike you attach the kit to, you're either sending power to the ground via sheer leg power, or with the assist of a mid-drive electric motor. Unfortunately, e-bikes driven by hub motors won't be able to benefit from the added boost of electric power with this kit. While you do lose your front brakes with the ski, the rear crawler is equipped with a mechanical disc brake, allowing you to come to a stop. Judging from the video below, it appears that the S-Trax Snowbike conversion kit is universally applicable, so it's definitely a viable option for those looking to get out on their bikes and have some fun in the snow. 

With regards to cost, however, the conversion kit is by no means cheap, and will set you back 2,499 Euros, or around $2,650 USD—that's about the same price as a decent electric bicycle. Having said that, the question would be whether or not you're that desperate to ride in the snow, or if you're willing to wait until fairer weather for a shiny new electric bike. 

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