Those of you who are into motorcycles (as I am) would certainly be familiar with the Spanish brand GASGAS. Specializing in enduro and off-road motorbikes, GASGAS was fairly recently acquired by Austrian motorcycle conglomerate Pierer Mobiity, who is also the parent company of KTM and Husqvarna, and much more recently, acquired a stake in Italy's MV Agusta. 

Now, those of you motorcycle enthusiasts looking to get a fancy, performance-oriented electric mountain bike will certainly be happy to know that Pierer Mobility's North American arm, PIERER New Mobility North America Inc., will soon be distributing GASGAS electric mountain bikes in the U.S. market. While the company's current selection of electric bikes is already impressive, the addition of GASGAS e-bikes will certainly, well, amp up the brand's product portfolio. For reference, Pierer also distributes Felt and Husqvarna e-bikes in the U.S. market. 

Austria's Pierer Mobility To Bring GasGas E-Bikes To U.S. Market

The GASGAS motorcycle brand finds its roots in Spain back in 1985, where it gained a lot of popularity for its capable and lightweight motocross machines. In 2019, Pierer Mobility acquired the company in its entirety, wherein the brand expanded into road-legal motorcycles, and now, electric bicycles. As for its product portfolio, a quick trip to GASGAS' North America website reveals that the brand is offering four electric mountain bikes, each of which with its own niche.

For starters, there's the GASGAS G Cross Country, a lightweight hardtail e-bike designed to cover long distances of mild to technical trails. Up next, the G Light Trail takes things a step further by incorporating a full-suspension frame into the mix. It's packing a full carbon-fiber frame allowing it to tip the scales at just 19.4 kilograms. Meanwhile, those who find the Light Trail too fancy can opt for the G Trail, an aluminum-framed version, which GASGAS touts as the best all-rounder in its lineup. Last but not least, the G Enduro takes your riding to the next level with long-travel suspension capable of soaking up big jumps. 

Austria's Pierer Mobility To Bring GasGas E-Bikes To U.S. Market
Austria's Pierer Mobility To Bring GasGas E-Bikes To U.S. Market

GASGAS' e-bikes make use of Yamaha motors, with the specific motor varying depending on the model. More specifically, the G Cross Country makes use of the Yamaha PW-CE motor with 250W of output. The G Trail opts for the PW-ST motor also churning out 250W of power. The more premium G Light Trail goes for the Yamaha AIR DRIVE motor, while the G Enduro gets the punchy PW-X3 power unit. 

For more information regarding pricing and availability, be sure to inquire with your nearest GASGAS dealer, as prices on these new bikes have yet to be listed on their website. 

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