Although rare, whenever an EV startup actually succeeds in reaching production build quality usually isn't quite up to scratch with rivals. That's understandable - a new product takes time to perfect, especially if it's something as complex as a car. 

However, in the case of Rivian build quality appeared to be superb on its first few thousand vehicles. Perhaps this was due to the influence of Ford (a key shareholder in the firm) or the fact that Rivian had over a billion dollars to spend on developing its trucks. 

That said, as Rivian production ramps up build quality is seemingly slipping. In a new video, Out Of Spec Detailing host Coleton compared the build quality of two R1Ts, one Vin number #4000 and the other #13,200. Coleton first discussed the power tunnel cover, which was broken on the truck he had in his shop. 

As for panel gaps, Coleton noticed a lot more of them on Vin #13,200. Some of the worst alignments were on the rear of the truck, meanwhile on the front there was a wider gap on one side of the hood than the other. He also found panel gap issues around the doors and tail lights. 

Plastic cladding surrounding the front trunk was not clipped in properly, meanwhile he felt paint quality could be better with a few sanding marks. For more minor issues Coleton discussed, check out the above video.

However, despite the above Coleton is still very impressed with the R1T and reckons it's the best electric truck on sale. He currently has one on order and noted that he has no intentions of canceling due to a few minor build quality issues.

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