If Tesla can achieve its goal of doubling sales in Germany this year, it can overtake some importers, such as successful legacy brands, including Toyota. Tesla says it will double sales every year, with those efforts taking sales in 2022 to around 80,000 units, which would be impressive since Giga Berlin hasn't been open for long, and it's still ramping up.

Tesla delivered around 40,000 EVs in Germany in 2021. From January to August 2022, the US-based electric automaker had already sold about 25,000 units. The new factory in Germany officially opened in March 2022, and Tesla's sales in Germany are up almost 40 percent, with a market share increase of 2.7 percent. According to Teslarati, a Tesla site manager in Germany shared with Automobilwoche.

“Our goal is to double sales every year, so we would be at around 80,000 units in 2022."

Luxury automakers are highly celebrated in Germany, and there was a lot of pushback when Tesla decided it was going to open up shop in the area. Most of its luxury rivals are beginning to produce some electric cars, but they're still primarily reliant on fossil fuel.

Data published by the Center Automotive Research (CAR) suggests that it will be difficult to sell EVs in Germany due to their “significant cost disadvantage.” The study also notes that once subsidies disappear, automakers won't be able to profit as much from EVs. Finally, it added that electricity prices will also rise quickly. Sadly, consumers in Germany are expected to pay about 60 percent more for electricity in 2023, due in part to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

These points have been made about EVs for years, and while there is certainly some truth to them, they're clearly not turning all people off to EVs. Sales of electrified models are up in most areas across the globe, and the rise can be seen as exponential.

Many German car buyers are already used to paying the premium associated with luxury cars, and many are already making the switch to electric cars. In fact, despite CAR saying it will be hard to sell EVs, the relatively pricey Tesla Model Y is the most popular car of any kind in Germany based on new registration data.

Tesla's factory in Germany only produces the Model Y crossover. at least for now Production has surpassed 1,000 copies per week, Tesla is currently working toward 2,000, and the goal is to hit 5,000 per week by the first quarter of 2023.

Brandenburg’s Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach recently shared that he's impressed and excited about Tesla's progress in Germany. He believes the automaker is still on schedule and he's happy that hiring continues.

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