The Volkswagen bus has a long history of being customized in all manner of ways and we expect that the all new ID Buzz will capture some of the original’s appeal to be modified - it might become on of the EVs with the largest modding scenes.

And should you want to give it a sporty edge, then you will need something like this carbon fiber aero kit created by Zyrus Engineering from Norway - it really seems to transform the look of the electric bus, especially if you opt for those wheels too.

Gallery: Zyrus Z Buzz Carbon Fiber Kit

Zyus calls this kit the “Z Buzz” and even though it’s just a series of renderings for now, it plans to make it available for purchase starting in the first part of next year. Its creation was apparently prompted by people who have the Volkswagen ID Buzz on order and who already know that they don’t want to keep it stock, but then the company decided to make it available for anybody who wants to buy one.

The kis is comprised of a front splitter with winglets on the sides, side skirts that visually lower the vehicles, an aggressive diffuser in the rear and a big and noticeable roof spoiler, which is arguably the most striking part of the kit. The custom carbon fiber mirror caps are also part of the kit, but the 22-inch “bespoke carbon aerodisk” wheels will cost extra, although they do seem to tie in nicely with the look of the modified Buzz.


All the parts are designed and built by Zyrus Engineering in Norway and the company will charge €11,900 for the kit and if you want the wheels, that will cost an additional €4,999. When you order the kit, you will be able to specify if you want the parts painted or left as visible carbon fiber, which can be finished with either glossy or matte clear coat.

We really can’t wait to see this kit on an actual ID Buzz, which is set to reach its first customers in October of this year. Volkswagen has reported that two thirds of its entire 2022 production run (15,000 units planned) is already sold out, so it already has over 10,000 pre-order, hinting that this could be quite a commercially successful EV.

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