Even though it’s quite expensive and not yet available in the United States, the Volkswagen ID Buzz has already won a lot of fans, primarily thanks to its successful blend of classic familiar design cues and a modern, cutting-edge aesthetic. However, we’ve not yet seen the enthusiast-pleasing variant, the ID Buzz GTX, which VW did confirm it was making but has so far not even teased.

In creating this rendering, I was inspired by the changes that Volkswagen made to the ID.5 when it was turned into the hottest current variant, the ID.5 GTX. The manufacturer didn’t do that much to the ID.5 though, just changed its front and rear bumpers, as well as the wheels - if it didn’t have GTX badges on its sides and rear, you’d really be hard pressed to tell it is the performance version.

For my rendering, though, I went a little bit further and aside from swapping out the standard Buzz front bumper for a GTX-style one, I also gave it the sporty side skirts from the ID.5 GTX, just to make it seem lower to the ground. The suspension is also lowered and even though I didn’t measure the wheels (again from the ID.5 GTX), I think they would probably be 22- or 23-inch in diameter, so perhaps a bit oversized, but it does drive the point home that this is a hot version.

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No GTX badge was added to the exterior of the Buzz, though, since the version denomination is not present on the bus, either on the front fenders or on the rear hatch. So I refrained from adding the badge, but I did give it a nice two-tone white-red paint scheme just to strengthen the VW GTI vibes that it was exuding, even without visible special badging.

Regarding its powertrain, it will most likely be carried over from other GTX-badged VW EVs, so expect the ID Buzz GTX to come with a dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup, 300 horsepower and a sprint time to 100 km/h (62 mph) of around 7 seconds (the smaller, lighter ID.5 GTX does the sprint in 6.3 seconds). The manufacturer did not say when this model variant would debut, but what it did confirm was that all its ID models would come in GTX guise.

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