The long-awaited, fully electric replacement for the Volvo XC90 appears to have surfaced on the internet in new patent images. The photos were leaked on Worldscoop, a popular forum for European car enthusiasts. This comes soon after a trademark filing from Volvo for the name EXC90.

Gallery: Volvo EXC90 Patent Gallery

Judging by the proportions of the leaked images, it's safe to assume what we're looking at is the EXC90 (although it's important to remember the patents are still unconfirmed). Although some may argue it could be a facelifted XC90 hybrid, the lack of grill detailing makes us believe this is an all-electric vehicle. Also, the above shares many styling cues with the fully electric Polestar 2.

Volvo previously stated that the XC90's successor will be completely electric. The automaker also mentioned that it will have a different name. Last year, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said calling it a new XC90 "would be wrong because this is really a first of its kind”.

The 'EXC90' is expected to come with LiDAR tech developed by Volvo's autonomous partner, Luminar. Previewed by the Volvo Concept Recharge, the EXC90 will be one of only a few full-sized electric SUVs on sale. Although there is an abundance of electric crossovers on the market, currently there are only two full-sized, three-row electric SUVs available in North America: the Rivian R1S and the Tesla Model X. Next year two more electric three-row SUVs will arrive on US shores - the Mercedes EQS SUV and the VinFast VF9. Will the EXC90 be joining them? Perhaps, although we wouldn't be surprised if it's 2024 before most buyers get their hands on one, especially considering ongoing supply chain issues.

The EXC90 will initially be sold alongside the ICE XC90, which is expected to receive a facelift. However, in the long-run the EXC90 will likely cannibalize its combustion engine equivalent. Porsche will reportedly do something similar with the Macan. Although a fully electric version is on the way, Porsche will also launch an updated version of the ICE Macan at the same time in an attempt to not lose sales. However, from the mid-2020s onwards the combustion engine Macan is expected to be discontinued in favor of the fully electric version.


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