Rimac has finally delivered the first production Nevera electric hypercar and its very happy new owner is Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg. The 1,914 horsepower Nevera is the quickest accelerating vehicle that you can drive on a public road and it costs from $2.4-million.

Nico says he put in his order for a Nevera very early on, which is why his vehicle is the very first customer car. It is finished in black, with polished aluminum wheels and some visible carbon fiber elements. Inside, it’s almost all covered in Alcantara and it really looks like a proper cockpit.

Rimac takes pride in the fact that it not only engineered the chassis, suspension, powertrain and electronics that make the Nevera move, but also in the attention to detail it lavished onto the car. According to Mate Rimac, who of course was present when Nico came to take delivery, all the buttons and switches inside the vehicle are made in-house and that this is a theme that permeates through the entire vehicle.

Gallery: Rimac Nevera Production Start

The very first Nevera prototype was completed in August of 2021, but the official start of production was announced last month and the black car in the video is number one out of a total planned run of 150 examples. All these vehicles are built in a new advanced factory created out of a refurbished old shopping center located on the outskirts of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb.

Nico Rosberg doesn’t show his first drive in the Rimac Nevera in this first video he put out on the car. We do know the next video will be an amusing one, since it will feature Nico at the wheel and Mate Rimac as a passenger, but what we really want to see is the former F1 driver take his new hyper EV to the track and race it against a selection of cars (although we don’t really know what could keep up with it).

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