Chevrolet is readying its Silverado EV for its debut next year and it looks like it’s already shooting a commercial for the Ultium-based electric pickup. The fully uncovered electric Silverado was spotted on the move in the town of Helena, Montana being followed by a matte black Porsche Cayenne camera car of the kind used to shoot high budget advertisements - they weren’t recording this for social medial.

With the huge crane and camera rig stuck to its roof, the camera car arguably drew more attention than the pickup. This is even evident in the comments next to the video on Instagram, which was sent to The Drive by a reader.


Chevrolet has really tried to make the Silverado EV cool, with its futuristic design, the benefits of the Ultium platform and the many advanced gadgets, hoping it would appeal to buyers (who can already buy the highly competent Ford F-150 Lightning). And it looks like the effort was appreciated with the manufacturer announcing the Silverado EV had crossed the 150,000 orders mark.

And since this a truck, it’s not only private buyers but also fleets that are helping GM reach that high number of reservations so quickly. The manufacturer notes that each fleet customer is ordering over 200 electric Silverados on average.

The Chevy Silverado EV’s main rival, the F-150 Lightning, is already on the market and Ford has already built and delivered a few thousand of them; its first full month on the market was June when the manufacturer said is sold a total of 1,837 units.

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In January of this year, Ford CEO Jim Farley said the company had almost 200,000 Lightning reservations and in mid-May the manufacturer closed the order books for a 2022 model year vehicle, although they should open again this summer.

The Silverado EV and F-150 Lightning are similar in many ways but also quite different, with the former being actually built on a bespoke EV platform, for instance. It also comes with rear-wheel steering and air suspension, neither of which is currently available on the Ford and it’s also more powerful.

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