Xpeng has just announced that it has suspended all pre-orders and reservations for the P5 electric sedan in Europe. They did allow for pre-orders to be placed for a few months, but now these have been suspended and presumably all existing orders will also not be fulfilled, even though the manufacturer does make it sound like it will try to actually ship the vehicles for those who already put their name down for one.

Or Xpeng could try to just get them to change their order and just get the larger P7 that the company will be trying to push as its main model for Europe.

The P5 officially became available to reserve in Europe in April with a starting price of around €48,000, but unlike the version sold in China, it was not going to get Lidar. One small deposit equivalent to €100 was required for an order and if you browsed through the configurator on the official website at the time, you noticed that there really weren’t that many options available to add on the P5 for Europe.

Gallery: XPeng P5 Extended Gallery

The automaker recently announced that

As we are all aware, the global supply chain issues have been impacting the automotive industry for many months. Many auto brands had to adjust their production and delivery timeline – as well as pricing – in order to mitigate these challenges and uncertainty. We expect some of these challenges will persist. Our latest assessment is that the previously indicated delivery time for the P5 in Europe may no longer be achievable, as a result of some of these challenges. 

In order to minimize any impact on our customers, we are therefore taking steps to suspend new reservations for the XPeng P5 (in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden). We believe these steps are in the best interest of our customers, and will shield them from the uncertainty. For those customers who have make reservation for the P5, we are currently actively communicating with them about the timeline uncertainty, and are making sure our customers hear from us in the first place. Customer experience is our top priority.

Xpeng recently revealed its third production model, the G9 SUV, which it will most likely be bringing to Europe (although this has not been confirmed yet) since the market for this type of vehicle is growing. With the P7 and G9 (which goes on sale in China in Q3 2022), Xpeng will be in a pretty good position to take on the mainstream premium brands, especially given their price advantage and the interesting tech.

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