EV startup Aptera Motors has picked EVE Energy as the lithium ion battery cell supplier for its lightweight three-wheeler SEV (Solar Electric Vehicle).

Aptera will utilize EVE Energy's 21700 NMC 811 cylindrical cells in its vehicle's structural battery packs, which will be produced in San Diego, California. The company says it has chosen the 21700 NMC 811 cells for its solar electric vehicle because they are consistent with its efficiency-first ethos.

More specifically, these cells are one of the lightest and most energy-dense available, resulting in an ultra lightweight vehicle "capable of high performance and extended range with proportionally less battery mass."

"It's an honor to work with yet another leading supplier with an impeccable reputation and product to match. The decision to move forward with lithium ion 21700 NMC 811 cylindrical cells enables us to maximize efficiency in Apterae capable of over 1,000 miles of range per charge. As we continue to drive solar mobility forward by designing the most efficient vehicles, this partnership with EVE Energy represents all that our team has accomplished. We're very pleased to utilize EVE's cells in our battery packs."

Aptera Co-CEO, Chris Anthony

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Founded in 2002, EVE Energy is a world leading lithium battery company which uses its core technology and solutions for consumer, power, IoT, electric vehicle, and energy storage system applications.

EVE uses lithium-based chemistries to produce a wide range of battery cell products, including lithium primary batteries, li-ion rechargeable pouch cells, 18650/21700/46950 series cylindrical cells, and large format prismatic LFP/NMC cells.

The battery supply deal announcement comes a week after Aptera Motors announced another strategic agreement worth "several hundred million euros" with Slovenia's Elaphe to supply in-wheel electric motors to the San Diego-based startup.

As of May 2022, Aptera claimed to have over 22,000 reservations for its SEV, which is expected to enter production later this year at a new facility in Carlsbad, California. The Aptera SEV has a targeted range of up to 1,000 miles (over 1,600 kilometers) per charge with the biggest battery option, in addition to the ability to cover up to 40 miles (64 kilometers) a day on solar power alone.

The vehicle is listed on Aptera's website with a starting MSRP of $25,900 for the base battery pack that offers 250 miles (402 kilometers) of range. Reservations can be made for a $100 refundable fee.

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