We've watched and shared several videos about electric trucks and towing. This is because it's a topic many future electric truck owners are eager to learn about. We already know that you should expect a minimum of about a 50 percent range loss when towing with the Ford F-150 Lightning, but how does that compare with a gas-powered truck.

The Fast Lane Truck has been cranking out F-150 Lightning coverage, and there's certainly been an emphasis on not only towing, but also comparisons between electric trucks, gas-powered trucks, diesels, and hybrids. Which powertrain is the best? It really comes down to your budget and priorities, but the F-150 Lightning arguably offers more overall value than its ICE stablemates for many reasons.

At any rate, range has always been one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to EV adoption. However, most EVs now have much more range than they once did, charging infrastructure is becoming more widespread, and charging times are getting shorter. For this reason, many electric car owners no longer have anxiety-inducing range concerns on a daily basis, though towing adds a whole other element.

TFL set out towing the same camper with the F-150 Lightning and a gas-powered GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with a 24-gallon fuel tank. The Lightning has the Extended Range Battery, which, according to the EPA, is good for up to 320 miles of driving range, but not while towing.

The guys are well prepared in case of a catastrophe. They not only have a few extra gallons of gasoline, but also a Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid that can help juice up the Lightning if it gets stranded. While there are loads of details in the video that make it informative and worth the time it takes to watch, we'll clue you in on the end result, minus all the very useful specifics. 

The F-150 Lightning was able to travel about 90 miles before needing a charge, but they didn't run it until it was completely dead. Efficiency came in at 0.7mi/kWh. Meanwhile, the GMC Sierra covered nearly 160 miles, and the dash display showed 8.9 mpg. It cost Tommy less than $30 to charge the Lightning, though it took a good amount of time. The gas truck used about $100 in fuel, but you can fill it up almost instantly.

Are you considering an electric pickup truck like the F-150 Lightning or Rivian R1T? Is towing a concern? If so, what's the solution? Avoid an electric truck entirely, wait for the technology to improve, or simply live with it and make it work for you?

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