What happens when you abandon a Tesla Model 3 for nearly two years? Well, "abandon" might be too strong a word because this particular Model 3 Long Range featured in RSymons RSEV’s video was not left out on the street but parked under a shelter by its owner. It was outside, but not fully exposed to the elements.

The owner bought the car brand new with the intention to ship it overseas from the UK but that didn't work out for various reasons, so he left it in storage for almost two years. He decided to sell it recently and that's how UK electric car specialist RSymons RSEV got hold of this Model 3 "barn find."

It shows only 32 miles (52 kilometers) on the odometer and it even has that new car smell inside. The exterior needed some thorough cleaning, however; after a good wash, it looked brand-new on the outside as well.

Fortunately, the original owner did not leave the car unplugged for such an extended period of time, which would have been very damaging to the battery. He left it plugged in a regular three-pin socket at 8 amps and set the charging limit at around 50%, which is in the mid range of the battery.

That was a very wise decision as the Tesla Model 3's battery is in good shape, showing a perfectly normal range of 310 miles (499 kilometers) at 100% SoC. 

The video also takes a look at the vehicle's software, which is the old version 10 but still works great according to Richard Symons, who misses some of its features. That said, he updated to the current V11 software version and that went smoothly. 

If you're planning on leaving your Tesla (or any other electric car for that matter) parked for a long period of time (four to six weeks), this video has some useful tips regarding the battery. 

For example, you should never leave the battery flat or charged to 100%. If you can leave it plugged in, that's the best way to do it; if not, leave it charged to 90% and make sure there aren't any apps connecting to the car as those will drain the battery more quickly. Check out the above video for more tips.

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