Elon Musk wants Tesla executives to come back to the office and put in a minimum of 40 hours of work per week, according to reports published this week. The news was not received well by many execs who said they would still prefer to work from home, this in turn prompting Musk to say that if people don’t come to the office, this will be considered as their resignation. This is now seen as an opportunity by other companies like Amazon.

Tesla allowed its executives that could do their jobs remotely to continue working from home, as was the trend from the start of the pandemic. However, now that the spread of the virus is not seen as quite the threat it was over the past couple of years, companies are starting to call their workers to return to the office and essentially resume their pre-pandemic work life which entailed coming to the office daily for most.

Zafar Choudhury is Amazon Web Services’ Technical Recruiting Leader, according to his Linkedin profile, where he wrote in an ironic tone that if Tesla didn’t want these people who still wanted to work from home, they would be welcome at Amazon. He called Elon Musk ‘The Emperor of Mars’ hinting at the Tesla and SpaceX boss’ ambition to colonize the neighboring planet in spite of much criticism and pushback. Choudhury’s exact words were

If the Emperor of Mars doesn't want you, I'll be happy to bring you over to #AWS

We'll find you a happy home here that respects you, your time and your profession. We will find you a team that treats you with dignity.

This doesn’t just concern Tesla workers, though, since SpaceX employees also reportedly received a very similar email telling them to get back to the office or else. And since Amazon last year announced a companywide policy to allow employees to work from home indefinitely, it seems it could take all the workers that Tesla no longer wants.

It’s worth noting that this may have something to do with the announced plan by Elon Musk to cut the Tesla workforce by as much as 10 percent, even though he said this was not prompted by anything in particular, other than a “super bad feeling” that he has about the state of the US economy and where it’s headed.

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