What happens when you combine a Tesla pickup truck with a bit of off-road SpaceX flair? The answer is in this Tesla truck render.

If the render looks familiar it's because we've seen a similar Tesla truck render from the same render artist before. However, this SpaceX off-road version didn't register on our radar the first time around.

This rendered version of the Tesla truck, dubbed the Tesla Model P (P for pickup) is perhaps the most-loved among all the renders of the Tesla truck we've shared. It sure is distinctive and quite radical.

As for the design, Husmen states:

"I inspired from the Roadster concept's design language for this pickup truck... on this project, I thought about applying one-piece body design (without a separate back bed), because of the battery pack beneath... so it's much more rigid with independent suspensions... this allows it to have much better handling and performance... 

I imagined this could be the quickest and fastest truck ever when it comes out... since it's the most ultimate truck, I wanted to design its exterior sporty and dynamic... behind rear windows I placed "shark fins" to make it even more aerodynamic and energy-efficient... on the lower front, rear and side protectors there are hidden folding steps to assist users enter/exit the cabin and reach storage areas easily... these were my basic ideas while designing it..."

We've attached the original set of renders from Husmen below for your viewing pleasure.

Gallery: Tesla Truck Render

Source: Emre Husmen on Behance

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