Car and Driver leased this 2019 Tesla Model 3 two years ago. After almost 50,000 miles of driving, the publication shares what it learned while owning and testing the world's most popular EV.

The automotive publication not only got to learn what it's like to own and live with the Model 3 over the longer term, but it also put it through a series of tests. Now, it's time to share its findings to show how the Tesla has held up, and help you decide if this electric car is right for you.

As you may expect, the video is packed with information about the Model 3. Car and Driver shares the EV's positives and negatives, from the pros and cons of its touchscreen-only controls to its Autopilot, as well as the Full Self-Driving Capability that's not yet widely available or able to pilot the car without human intervention.

One interesting part of the informational video focuses on the time the Model 3 "broke while parked," according to Car and Driver. The publication also talks about over-the-air software updates, acceleration, and overall driving dynamics. Also covered are range, battery degradation, and maintenance and repair costs.

With all of that said, you're probably most eager to learn whether or not Car and Driver recommends the Model 3 and/or thinks you should buy one for yourself. However, you can probably guess that it's not that simple.

The publication notes that the Model 3 drives quite well, and the service experience can be "really cool." However, the tech is always updating, there's a big learning curve, everything is controlled by a single screen, software features are in beta, and future updates are basically unknowns until they happen.

Car and Driver concludes that if you're a tech lover, a Tesla might be a solid option for you. On the flip side, if you're not a fan of screens and newly emerging tech, you may want to think it through before you decide on a Model 3.

While the video isn't very long – it's less than 15 minutes – Car and Driver shared the following topics and timestamps to help you navigate to the parts of the video that interest you most.

00:00 Intro
01:08 Driving experience and acceleration test results
02:30 Constant change
03:12 Center screen pros and cons
05:07 When our Model 3 broke while parked
06:56 Special tests
08:30 Full-self driving and Autopilot
10:03 Maintenance and repair costs
11:47 Energy consumption and battery degradation
13:38 Should you buy a Model 3?

Check out Car and Driver's take on Tesla Model 3 ownership. Then, let us know if you agree or disagree with what the publication shares. We'd be especially interested in hearing from actual Model 3 owners.

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