The Tesla Model 3 remains the best-selling electric car of all time despite the continued popularity of the Model Y. And now, almost 5 years after it first went on sale, we're finally beginning to see how older examples are holding up. Josh Teder, who runs the YouTube channel 6 Months Later Reviews, has had his Model 3 for a little over 4 years. In his latest video he decided to discuss all the negatives he has encountered rather than, like most review videos, focus on all the well known positives of the Model 3.

Josh first discussed the software updates. He noted some updates have made things worse and more complicated. Moreover, there's still no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Moving on, the trunk design seems to be somewhat flawed - during bad weather rain easily moves through it when opened.

The winter range of the Model 3 is significantly reduced versus other seasons; the car and battery need to be as warm as possible before driving to ensure full regen. Equally, Phantom Braking when using Autopilot is another issue. Josh has subsequently removed himself from the FSD BETA because of it. You can't get standard cruise control, only traffic cruise control which can be unreliable at times. Josh isn't convinced removing radar sensors in favor of cameras was the right decision.

Josh concluded that, after 4 years of ownership, he wouldn't drive anything other than a Tesla. His Model 3 is fun yet practical, meanwhile maintenance has been very low and the Tesla Supercharger network is great. Although it has some problems, overall the Model 3 is still a terrific vehicle.  

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