The Tesla Model X was, for a substantial period, your only option if you wanted a large, family-friendly electric SUV. However, it now has some competition - notably the Rivian R1S and BMW iX. In order to stay competitive the Model X, which first went on sale almost seven years, was facelifted a number of months back. So, does the updated Model X offer enough to stay on top of the competition? Out Of Spec Reviews' Kyle Conner lets us know in his latest video.

Kyle, who borrowed the X from a friend, noted that the Long Range was the version he would buy - it's more than quick enough for a family car. The Falcon Doors work well, with overall build quality being very solid. The 6-seat Model X features ventilation in each row and the sliding captains chairs work super well.

The yoke steering wheel is okay for daily driving, it only becomes awkward when driving quickly around a track. 0-60 mph takes 3.8 seconds according to Tesla, although in reality it's quicker than that. The camera-based Autopilot works well, although it can only be used below 80 mph. Kyle noted that FSD probably isn't worth it as he can't see it being fully functional anytime soon.

The brakes are great, meanwhile the stalk-less steering wheel means the X's indicators are accessed on the side of the infotainment screen, which is okay once you get used to it. The Model X handled canyon driving well. Its regenerative braking was also very effective and overall the Long Range had great efficiency - you can expect to get close to 300 miles of range in real-world conditions.

Kyle concluded that the Model X Long Range was the one to have. The Plaid offers more brutal acceleration and less range, and therefore isn't worth the extra $24,000 considering the X is fundamentally a family SUV, not a performance car.

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