Our spies have just sent us photos of what is very likely a test mule for the upcoming long-wheelbase Volkswagen ID Buzz, the one that will be sold in the United States. We are a bit surprised to see this T6 Caravelle mule, given that the production Buzz has already been revealed.

This leads us to believe that the long model for America may be more than just a stretched ID Buzz - Volkswagen may choose to differentiate it more, although we don’t currently know what the manufacturer could change. We do know VW is planning on launching an autonomous version of the Buzz, and that too could have exterior visual differences, as well as a rear-facing bench set in place of the dashboard.

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It is also believed that the long wheelbase ID Buzz will get an even bigger battery than the current 77 kWh top pack - reports say it could have 111 kWh capacity. Volkswagen also recently announced a series of improvements it wants to implement into its MEB platform, and they target improvements in all key areas (charging speed, range and performance).

VW says the updated MEB will allow for a maximum range of up to 435 miles (700 km) on one charge (on the WLTP test cycle; the EPA number would be a bit lower), so we could assume the ID Buzz LWB could offer that much in its top variant. Currently, the standard wheelbase model is expected to offer up to 280 miles (450 km) WLTP; VW has yet to confirm this number.

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Now even though the long Buzz is the first of the model line to make it to America, that will happen in 2024; it will actually debut and go on sale in Europe first, in 2023. Volkswagen is expected to make both passenger and cargo versions based on the long chassis.

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