The GMC Hummer EV is the king of big numbers. 1,000 hp, 1,200 pound-feet of torque and a curb weight of over 9,000 lbs are just some of the highlights. But what's it like in reality? Can it better the Rivian R1T and its seamless blend of practicality, power and performance? Joe Raiti found out in his latest video.

Joe first discussed the exterior design, praising it for being distinctly Hummer without being too old fashioned or militaristic. You have numerous exterior cameras for autonomous driving, as well as 10 inches of ground clearance. The Hummer he reviewed featured the Tech Bronze package, meaning 18" alloys and massive off-road tires. The transparent roof panels are removable and a truly unique feature. The doors also have no cover around the windows, giving off a really futuristic feel. Other positives include air suspension, Crab Walk and a folding tailgate.

Inside the Hummer EV has two-tone black and white coloring throughout, Bose speakers and acres of storage. There's also plenty of lunar-themed design elements, like a print of the Sea Of Tranquility on each Bose speaker. The 13.7" infotainment system has all the essential features and works well, with great resolution and graphics. The steering wheel feels good and is laid out nicely. Each of the Hummer's 18 cameras has a washer on it to keep it clean; visibility is great as a result. The front seats are comfortable and can be both heated and cooled. You also get a storage slot specifically for your phone.

In the rear there's lots of USB chargers, storage and leg room. The frunk is huge - although in the video it was full of roof panels. 

In summary, Joe was seriously impressed by the GMC Hummer EV. Whether he'd take one over a more affordable Rivian R1T was less clear. Regardless, he couldn't wait to get the Hummer on (and off) the road for his next video.

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