As you're probably already aware, Kyle Conner and his team at Out of Spec enjoyed a week with the Rivian R1T. They've been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to review the electric pickup truck, and to say they achieved their goal would be an understatement.

Conner has been cranking out video after video of the luxurious and capable R1T, and now we can finally share his full, in-depth driving review. We can't think of a friend of InsideEVs who's better suited to provide detailed impressions about how the R1T performs. This is because Kyle not only reviews just about every EV that comes to market, as well as all current models, but he also spends quality time with gas-powered cars and trucks.

Conner hits the roads in Northern Colorado to put together some outstanding footage for driving enthusiasts. This is not just a quick jaunt around a parking lot or a neighborhood joyride. Instead, Kyle reveals how the R1T drives in the city and on the highway. He also heads out to the canyons and spends a wealth of time sharing the electric pickup truck's performance driving.

There's an intense amount of detailed information in the video above, so we encourage you to take the time to watch it. We will tell – and we're almost certain it will come as no surprise to most readers – that Conner is mindblown at how well the R1T has been able to handle everything Out of Spec put it through over the course of a week. It really is arguably not only the "perfect" pickup truck, but really one of the best EVs to ever come to market, at least in terms of its well-roundedness and all-around success.

If you're in the market for an electric vehicle, you're probably looking closely at your budget and weighing your priorities. Depending on if you need something capable or efficient, family-friendly or driver-centric, tough or luxurious; a city commuter, a highway road-trip car, an Overlanding champion, or a high-performance "track star," you name it, the R1T almost certainly fits the bill.

The video is long, so you'll have to carve out an hour to watch it all the way through. It's definitely worth your time. However, if you want to jump around the video and pay specific attention to some areas, you're in luck. Out of Spec Reviews also provided the following topics and timestamps to help us navigate:

  • 0:00 - Hello & Welcome!
  • 0:58 - City Driving
  • 20:32 - Performance Driving
  • 46:25 - Highway Driving
  • 54:44 - Final Thoughts

Once you've had a chance to take in all of Kyle's R1T driving impressions, scroll down and leave us a comment. Are you a Rivian R1T fan? Do you see Rivian finding notable success going forward?

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