We knew Lotus (now owned by Geely) was working on an electric SUV, and we even got a sneak peek at it via some patent photos, but today we finally get to look at it fully unveiled. Lotus Eletre is the product name and through its design, it immediately becomes one of the most aggressive looking SUVs on the market.

About the same size as Lamborghini Urus, the Eletre is built on a platform called Electric Premium Architecture (800V, unique to Lotus) that will be the basis for the other three EVs that the manufacturer has announced it plans to launch by 2025. We are not told how much it weighs yet, but it’s safe to assume it will be the heaviest Lotus ever (and the first with air suspension).

In its least powerful dual-motor configuration, the Eletre will have around 600 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in under 3 seconds; top speed is 161 mph (260 km/h). With over 100 kWh in its battery pack, the Eletre gets a WLTP range rating of 373 miles (600 km) and it can charge at up to a claimed 350 kW, adding 248 miles (400 km) in 20 minutes.

Gallery: Lotus Eletre

Lotus says the Eletre is able to completely drive itself, thanks to its array of pop-out LiDAR sensors, including one that’s aimed back and fires through a cutout rear roof spoiler; the vehicle also has an active rear wing, but we don’t know how active it is yet.

The interior has a unique style, you wouldn’t say it looks like anything else, not even anything from Geely. There is no digital gauge cluster, but the driver is presented with a slim display that shows speed, while on the passenger side, it shows media or navigation information; the driver also gets an augmented reality head-up display.

The infotainment screen is quite large, at 15.1-inch, it features OLED technology and it can be set into an angled position in order to be less distracting.

The Lotus Eletre will be built in China in a new factory built specifically for Lotus and right now plans have only been announced to sell it in Europe and China; a US launch has not been ruled out by Lotus. We have no official word on pricing yet, but in the UK it is expected to start at under £100,000.

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