Geely-owned Lotus Group has big plans for the future, with no fewer than four all-electric models confirmed to launch from 2022 through 2026.

The first to arrive will be a midsize SUV that will debut on March 29 before going on sale later this year. Known as the Type 132 for now, Lotus's first-ever SUV—an all-electric one at that—will be built by the company's EV arm Lotus Technology in a new plant that was inaugurated in late 2021 in Wuhan, China.

While Lotus started to tease the Type 132 last month, we have only seen glimpses of the electric SUV's interior, exterior details and electric powertrain so far. That changes now as patent images from IP Australia have surfaced online, showing the exterior design of the first Lotus SUV—and the brand's first model to be made in China.

As you can see, the Type 132 doesn't seem to have much in common with previous Lotus models, although designers have obviously did their best to give it a sporty look.

Gallery: 2023 Lotus Type 132 patent images from IP Australia

Looking like a mashup of a Lamborghini Urus and Audi Q8 (to these eyes, at least), the Lotus Type 132 sports split headlights, a full-width light bar at the rear, wide C-pillars for the sloping roofline to rest on, and massive aero-style wheels.

Speaking of aerodynamics, it appears to be a big focus for Lotus designers, and that's not surprising considering that a low coefficient of drag contributes to a longer driving range.

The Lotus Type 132 features air ducts in the front hood, active flaps in the lower intake, and air inlets flanking the headlights and taillights. We can also notice cameras instead of rearview mirrors and pop-out door handles, with both elements also doing their part to make the vehicle more aerodynamic.

Other elements that stand out are the roof-mounted LiDAR above the windshield and a similar element at the rear that appears to be another radar, flanked by a two-piece roof spoiler.

The Lotus Type 132 will be built on a bespoke EV platform designed to accommodate battery packs as large as 120 kWh and a dual-motor AWD powertrain with around 600-700 horsepower. The zero to 62 mph sprint is expected to take around three seconds, which is fast enough for a Lotus sports car, let alone an SUV. The charging experience should also be very fast, thanks to the platform's 800-volt architecture.

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