About ten days ago, Dave Conner traded in his Volkswagen ID.4 for a Hyundai Ioniq 5 and appeared genuinely happy with the choice he made in the video that documented the delivery experience.

Obviously, the first impressions are important, but it's obvious that you have to spend weeks if not months to form an opinion on a new car you bought. Ten days may not seem like enough time for most people, but seeing as Dave's video lasts almost an hour, he clearly has a lot to share.

Having driven his Ioniq 5 AWD Limited every day since taking delivery, he takes viewers on a tour of the car talking about features that he finds useful, then he tests the 0-60 acceleration and ends the video at an Electrify America DC fast charger for a charging demo.

Bear in mind that he refers a lot to the VW ID.4 in the video—he owned three of them before the Ioniq 5—so viewers who are undecided between the VW and the Hyundai may find this video very useful.

Starting with the features, Dave says the Ioniq 5 app is much more reliable than the ID.4's, especially when it comes to remote features. He also likes the Hyundai's infotainment system better, both in terms of design and the way it works.

However, that did not stop him from sticking an additional tablet to the dashboard that pulls all kind of vehicle data from an OBD port, along with a phone mount and radar detector. 

David is also a fan of the Ioniq 5's Highway Drive Assist 2 adaptive driver assistance suite, particularly the fact that you can run the auto steer function even when the adaptive cruise control is not on. 

Speaking of driving, Dave says the Ioniq 5 is more silent at speed and quicker than the ID.4. He also did a 0 to 60 mph acceleration test and managed to clock 4.83 seconds, faster than Hyundai's official figure of 5.2 seconds.

Mind you, he has some issues with the Ioniq 5, including the fact that the driver's seat cannot be lowered enough (he's 6 ft 5), the lack of a rear wiper (even though that's not a major dealbreaker in his opinion), no seat massaging function, as well as some other niggles you can learn about by watching the Out of Spec Reviews video above.

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