What car do you buy after owning three Volkswagen ID.4 EVs? Well, if you ask Kyle Conner's dad David, that would be a Hyundai Ioniq 5.

After exploring pretty much the entire VW ID.4 range available in the United States, he decided the Ioniq 5 would be a cool upgrade, so he started hunting for one.

Now, before getting into the details of how he decided on the Ioniq 5 and managed to take delivery so fast, it's worth noting that David was absolutely satisfied with the ID.4s before it—a base ID.4 Pro RWD, then an ID.4 Pro S RWD, and finally the Pro S AWD version that he has now traded in for an Ioniq 5.

One of the reasons he was able to switch so much is that ID.4s have held their value so well in the used car market that it made sense to upgrade twice.

In the video that you're about to see, Kyle and David Conner are visiting a dealership in Massachusetts to take delivery of the Ioniq 5. Why Massachusetts when David lives in Connecticut? Two main reasons: he got a good deal on the Ioniq 5 from this particular dealership—with no markup—and a good trade-in value for the VW ID.4 Pro S AWD. The whole package.

Initially, David wanted to get an Ioniq 5 RWD SE but then he decided to go for the top-of-the-line Ioniq 5 AWD Limited in a great-looking spec: Shooting Star matt grey exterior (a $1,000 option) with dark green interior. 

The video above documents the delivery experience and features a tour of the car from David, who was clearly excited about his new ride.

After getting familiar with all of the Ioniq 5's bells and whistles, David parks it next to his old ID.4 for a short visual comparison and then takes it out on the first drive. Watch the video to find out how different he found the Ioniq 5 compared his ID.4 AWD.

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