Top Gear spends some quality time with the all-new Hyundai Ioniq 5. The publication provides a relatively short, but in-depth and entertaining review of the Hyundai electric crossover's interior, range, performance, and price.

As many new electric cars are arriving on our shores, and many more are on the way sooner rather than later, the all-new Ioniq 5 has worked to attract the attention of a wide audience. Not only are longtime automotive gearheads enamored with the electric crossover, but it's also a hit among Tesla fans.

We've been saying for years now that Hyundai appears to have what it takes to make a big impact in the EV segment. The brand has already proven it can produce compelling EVs and PHEVs, and that was ahead of its first purpose-built electric vehicle. Unlike Hyundai's other electrified models, the Ioniq 5 rides a new platform that was built exclusively for EVs, and the Ioniq 5 is just the first in an upcoming lineup of such vehicles.

If someone had told you just a few years ago that a quirky Hyundai EV would turn heads and woo the masses, you probably would have chuckled. That said, the Ioniq 5 is certainly doing the trick.

Top Gear says Hyundai has built a reputation "making good sensible cars and fun hot hatchbacks." The South Korean brand has come a long way over a short period of time, and its vehicles are safe, reliable, comfortable, upscale, unique, and most importantly, affordable. Top Gear questions whether Hyundai can find notable success in the world of EVs. If success is in the cards, the Ioniq 5 is arguably a solid way to start.

Top Gear calls the Ioniq 5 an "edgy electric family crossover." While it's sort of a compact crossover SUV, some folks insist the Ioniq 5 is more of a wagon or simply a raised hatchback. This is because its exterior design is really unlike anything we've seen over the years.

The publication goes on to say that Hyundai isn't touting the Ioniq 5's speed to attract attention, though its acceleration and driving dynamics are likely to impress most drivers. Instead, the brand is banking on the quirky five-door crossover's unique design, innovative features, and a few welcome surprises. Like many of Hyundai's gas-powered cars, the Ioniq 5 is not only highly practical and versatile, but also futuristic, attractive, and fun to drive.

The Ioniq 5 starts at around $44,000 prior to any local or federal incentives. According to the EPA, it can travel more than 300 miles on a single charge, though the base model is rated at 220 miles.

Check out the Top Gear video above for all the details. Then, let us know if you're a fan of the Hyundai Ioniq 5. What do you love? What would you change?

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