Ben Sullins, and his wife Jennie, spend some time with the all-new Kia EV6. They compare it to the Tesla Model Y, which is obviously its most important rival. After spending a week with the EV6, the Sullins also let us know if they'd consider owning one.

Before we go on, we think it's important to talk just a bit about our friend Ben. Sullins has been covering Tesla for years. In fact, he was arguably one of the first movers when it came to Tesla YouTube influencers. He's owned several Teslas, he supports the company as a whole, and he's objective and insightful.

Not too long ago, Sullins decided to revamp his channel, focus less on Tesla, and shed light on other EVs, as well as products and topics related to green energy. During this sort of "departure" from being a "hardcore Tesla fanboy" in the eyes of many in the community, it seems Ben has grown a bit frustrated with Tesla.

Some would say Sullins has opened his eyes to some of the obvious issues surrounding the company, and he's just being honest. However, sadly, others have instead chosen to harass him on social media, call him out, and suggest he's now a sellout, a Tesla hater, a short seller, etc.

Despite any of the above, we appreciate Ben's coverage today AND we appreciated his coverage years ago. Regardless of whether it's pro-Tesla or it points out Tesla's flaws, or whether it focuses on Tesla or its rivals, or really whatever the topic, Ben is certainly striving to provide compelling content. He has a lot of solid insight, he's entitled to his opinions, and his list of Tesla's pros and cons are arguably valid in many cases.

At any rate, the reason we decided to feature the Sullins' comparison of the Tesla Model Y and Kia EV6 really boils down to all of the above. Ben has a storied perspective here. While an "early" Ben Sullins may have praised the Model Y up and down and not even considered a Kia EV for a single second, today's Ben Sullins may actually give the EV6 credit where credit is due.

We all grow and mature from our life experiences, hopefully in a positive rather than a negative way. We are allowed to develop new opinions, change our minds, and denounce things we once believed or claimed were true. If we have evidence – especially from personal experiences – to support our change of opinion and/or why we transitioned or matured in the way that we did, it can arguably work as validation.

With all of that said, we could now proceed to write paragraph after paragraph about how the Kia EV6 stacks up to the Tesla Model Y, but we aren't Ben or Jennie Sullins, and we don't have the life experiences they have. If our little soapbox talk about Ben Sullins made you want to watch the video to see exactly what he thinks – so you can either argue with his opinions or agree with him – then fantastic.

If you don't want to watch because Ben might say something negative about the Model Y (and, in your personal opinion, it may or may not be true), then don't watch. It really is entirely up to you, just like it's entirely up to Ben how he feels about the Kia EV6 and the Tesla Model Y. And, Sullins' perspective is just one of many we chose to share on InsideEVs.

We will tell you that both Ben and Jennie have different opinions about various aspects of the EV6 and Model Y. They also both praise the EV6 in some areas and the Model Y in others.

This is not a comparison in which one car simply dominates and makes the other car look bad, but rather, if you could combine the Kia's strengths with the Tesla's strengths, you would arguably have the perfect electric crossover. There's a whole lot to like about the EV6 and Model Y, and both could certainly stand to improve in a few ways.

If you did decide to watch, we'd love to read your takeaways in the comment section below. We'd love to know what you think of the EV6, and why? We'd also appreciate your opinions about the Model Y. Or, you can just fill up the comment section arguing about "What's up with Ben?" As we said, it's up to you.

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