It’s amusing to watch a very positive and detailed Lucid Air Dream Edition review put together by a seemingly very satisfied owner, even though he starts the video by saying the vehicle has since failed and it had to be towed away for diagnosis and repairs. Even so, he still decided to release the video, with a small additional intro that explains the issue encountered by his vehicle.

Kevin of the Meet Kevin YouTube channel had recorded and put together his quite positive review of his very own Air, but then the vehicle threw lots of errors and the power steering failed. He explains that as the vehicle was being slowly driven out of the garage, the dashboard filled with warnings and the steering got very heavy.

The vehicle was then taken by Lucid and by the time of the upload, it had not been returned. It doesn’t seem to be connected to the issue that prompted the recent Air recall (203 units affected), though, as that has to do with incorrectly installed strut dampers, not the steering assistance system.

But even in spite of this problem (which is to be expected in a brand new car from a brand new manufacture), Kevin still gave the Air a fair assessment, praising it for its many luxury features. He mainly compares it to the Tesla Model S, and against that the Lucid Air does look and feel like the more expensive and luxurious machine.

Lucid will surely still continue to perform debugging on this first batch of Air sedans to reach customers, which still have features missing. The cars still don’t have their advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) working yet and this is expected to be added via a future software update.

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