You can really understand the excitement surrounding the Lucid Air - it’s a good looking, long-range, high-performance luxury electric car that seems to have delivered on all promises. And this is not just Lucid saying positive things about itself, but also pretty much all journalists who have had a go in an Air.

For the guys from The Smoking Tire YouTube channel, though, the key concern is how well vehicles can carve up a twisty canyon road, which is what they subjected it to in this video. However, for this video, Matt and Zack actually spend quite a bit of time stationary in the vehicle, just to go over its user interface and to understand how everything is operated.

The learning curve is not too steep in the Lucid and it actually does some things differently compared to other vehicles and it all seems to work really seamlessly, which is really impressive given it comes from a company that has never built a car before.

And when they do start throwing it into a few corners, the standout traits are its sharp (but not overly so) steering, the surprising turn of speed and just how effortless it is to drive quickly. They also note the excellent ride, which doesn’t turn the vehicle into a boat thanks to adjustable damping, allowing for sharp response when you need it and a more relaxed character when you just want to waft.

The two reviewers really seem to like the suspension which almost makes the vehicle feel like it’s riding on air struts, which it isn’t. This review is significant because they focus on handling and fun on the TST channel and the Air, which is a big, luxurious sedan, is surprisingly good in this respect, a pleasant surprise for the canyon carving duo.

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