A Tesla Model S Plaid driver was on the highway in Texas driving his brand-new electric car when he says a pickup truck driver started trying to block him. The Tesla owner, whose name is Deshawn, claims he didn't do anything to upset the pickup truck driver, so he had no clue what was the reason for what appeared to be a road rage attack.

As we always point out in these cases, we never know the whole story or what may have led up to the road rage incident. All we have to go on is the story from one of the drivers. However, if you watch the video, you'll see that the pickup truck driver is clearly driving erratically and making very poor and dangerous choices. No matter what happened prior to the footage, the truck driver shouldn't be weaving and chasing the Tesla.

DeShawn says he ended up speeding up and weaving through traffic as well, in an attempt to put some space between his car and the pickup. He had recently heard about a road-rage incident involving a shooting that happened on the same highway. 

The driver of the pickup truck chased the Plaid and caught up, pulled up next to it, and pointed something at DeShawn. Since the shooting incident was still fresh in his mind, he was scared. He took advantage of the Model S' instant acceleration and crossed the freeway at the last minute to take a late exit. Sadly, DeShawn lost control and totaled his $150,000 Tesla. 

Thankfully, DeShawn was okay, and the people in the other car were uninjured. He apologized and took full responsibility for the crash. When the police arrived, he couldn't access the Plaid's SSD drive to show them the video, so they couldn't immediately do anything about the pickup truck driver. Fortunately, DeShawn has already taken delivery of a new Model S Plaid to replace the totaled car.

As is typical of these videos from Wham Baam Teslacam, there are many other interesting clips in the video as well. Check them all out and then leave us a comment below.

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