This crazy road-rage incident on a highway in France has gone viral. We're starting to see many more road-rage videos on YouTube and social media. Is it because people are angry, and incidents are growing, or just because Tesla's vehicles all have built-in dashcams, so the footage is now out there? Regardless, it's dangerous driving like this that could end up getting people killed.

As you can see from the video, a Volkswagen Golf driver essentially attacks a Tesla Model 3 with his car. This isn't just a simple "brake-check and go" situation, or a quick "middle finger" and horn honk. Instead, this is as if the Tesla owner is being hunted. Perhaps the VW driver has spent too much time playing video games?

Wham Baam Teslacam notes that the initial road-rade incident ends up leading to a highway chase, reckless driving, threats, and childish teasing. The publication also shares that the original video has been blocked or taken down in several locations, so this is another attempt to get the footage out there for people to see.

We'll say upfront, we never really know for sure what or who started these road-rage battles, but it doesn't really matter. For any driver to go on and on like this and put people's lives at risk is uncalled for regardless of how the situation began.

As the story goes, the VW Golf driver was racing to overtake cars and pass people in the right lane, which is illegal in France. He cut off the Model 3 and brake-checked the car. The driver decided to overtake the Golf to get out of harm's way, which obviously escalated the situation.

The Golf driver proceeded to try to clip the Model 3's side, push it off the road, cut it off, and brake-check again. Then, the VW driver stopped completely on the highway and got out of his car to confront the Tesla owner. The Model 3 driver says the Golf driver went so far as to dish out mom jokes (the Tesla driver's mother was in the car). 

The Model 3 driver drove off quickly and tried to get away, but traffic slowed him down. Not surprisingly, the VW driver gets right back at it. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Check out the video to see it all go down.

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