Even though the Tesla Model Y has been available in Europe for over six months, the United Kingdom (a right-hand drive market) didn’t get it until February. Now that it’s available in the UK, we will surely start to see a strong influx of video reviews, and this really thorough one from Top Gear seems to be among the first.

Mind you, Top Gear reviews a left-hand drive Model Y Long Range on Dutch plates, but we know there are already right-hand drive examples in the country (this review was most likely shot last year and published now). All the Model Ys in Europe now come from China for now until Tesla starts production at its German manufacturing location known as the Berlin Gigafactory, or Giga Berlin.

This quite in-depth and information-rich review presents the Model Y in a similarly positive light to most others, although the host doesn’t seem as keen on the crossover body as most American reviewers are. He argues that while the Model Y is certainly a bit roomier and more practical than the Model 3, the small sedan is still the one you should go for simply because it is the best value Tesla available now.

The Model Y still performed better at very high speed, when it was driven around the bowl at close to its maximum speed. Overall, if you have to have a crossover, this review, like pretty much all others, thoroughly recommends the Model Y thanks to its blend of range, tech, performance, image and practicality.

Some negative points noted by the reviewer include the Model Y’s poor rear visibility, some instability during hard braking, as well as the way it rides, which is deemed choppy and unsophisticated. But they do little to dilute the very positive overall impression left by this review.

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