The Polestar 2 is one of the best performance EVs in its class, especially in dual motor guise with the optional Performance Pack.

Building from this range-topping model, Polestar engineers have taken things further and created a one-off variant inspired by winter rally cars. 

Aptly named Polestar 2 Arctic Circle, this concept showcases the EV’s performance potential in extreme conditions. Created by Polestar chief chassis engineer and trophy winning rally driver Joakim Rydholm, this unique model is built for maximum driving pleasure and agility on snow and ice.

To achieve that, the standard Polestar 2 Long range Dual motor with Performance Pack received several specific tweaks. For starters, it rides 1.18 inches (30 mm) higher and features custom-made 19-inch studded winter tires (245/35 R19), each featuring 490 metal studs. 

“I wanted to have more fun than usual with this car—really being able to push it in terms of performance and handling in a winter environment like a frozen lake. The balance and predictability we have achieved with the raised ride height and specialized tires are particularly noticeable when you enter a bend completely sideways, with a bigger-than-usual smile on your face, and in total control.”

Joakim Rydholm, Polestar chief chassis engineer

Gallery: Polestar 2 Arctic Circle Concept

The three-way performance Öhlins dampers were specially designed and tuned for this car together with Öhlins, including 30% softer springs than those in the road-going Polestar 2. They are set to nine clicks front and rear—slightly softer than the standard Polestar 2 with Performance Pack setting—and the dampers feature auxiliary adjustment chambers. 

In addition, to increase torsional rigidity and steering responsiveness, Polestar added front and rear strut braces. While the 4-piston Brembo front brakes remain unchanged from the production vehicle, a prototype launch control system has been integrated via steering wheel-mounted paddles.

The icing on the cake is an increased power and torque output of 350 kW (469 hp) and 502 lb-ft (680 Nm), respectively. That’s 67 hp and 15 lb-ft (20 Nm) more than the stock car—Polestar also offers this as a €1,000 option for the road-going model via a performance software upgrade.

The Polestar 2 Arctic Circle also comes equipped with a carbon fiber snow shovel and a recovery strap mounted in the trunk.

Visually, the one-off vehicle takes clear inspiration from rally cars given the 19-inch OZ Racing wheels, four Stedi Quad Pro LED front lights, carbon fiber skid plate on the front bumper, and unique exterior livery in matte grey and white. 

Inside, the Polestar 2 Arctic Circle gains custom-upholstered Recaro front bucket seats in charcoal with Ohlins’ “Swedish gold” branding. Before you ask, Polestar says it has no plans to put this one-off car into production.

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