Tesla's pilot program, which enables non-Tesla electric vehicles to use Superchargers, has reportedly spread to Norway.

Initially, Tesla launched the Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot at 10 stations in the Netherlands in November 2021. According to elbil24.no, non-Tesla EVs can now use some of the Tesla Superchargers (CCS2 plugs) in Norway too.

Elbil24.no has not received any official comment from Tesla and the company's website has not been updated to show which stations are now part of the pilot in Norway.

Nonetheless, various non-Tesla EVs were seen charging at the Nebbenes kro Supercharging station in Eidsvoll Municipality, north of Oslo. The video, posted by elbil24.no, shows an Audi e-tron.

Other models were BYD Tang, Polestar 2 and even Nissan e-NV200, but we are not sure about the last one, as it has a CHAdeMO inlet (at least if it is was not modified to use CCS2 somehow).


The article was later updated with readers' reports about non-Tesla supercharging at other Tesla Supercharging stations in the country, including in Sentrum P-hus in Oslo.

Since it's a developing story, we will probably see more info and videos in the coming days. Hopefully, we will get the list of the stations, prices, and feedback from the first users.

Because many stations in Norway have a drive-thru layout, they might be far better suited for non-Tesla EVs, which have charging inlets at various locations. In the Netherlands, it was the biggest issue for many EV models.

While the opening of the Tesla Supercharging network to other electric cars is one thing, complying with the CCS2 standard by Tesla cars is another thing. Tesla is in the process of introducing in Europe the refreshed Model S/Model X with CCS2 charging inlet (Model 3/Model Y are already natively compatible with the CCS2).

It means that both the new Tesla cars and the Tesla charging network soon might become fully compatible with the European market in terms of charging standards. And this is a piece of great news.

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