Tesla reports another strong quarter for Supercharger installations, although not as significant as in Q4 2020 when a major boost came from China.

During Q4 2021, the company installed 222 new stations and 2,217 new individual connectors, which translates to an average ratio of connectors per station of 10.

Quarterly results:

  • 222 of new stations - 42% less than a year ago
  • 2,217 new individual connectors (stalls) - 42% less than a year ago
  • 10.0 connectors (stalls) per station on average - no change vs Q4 2020

Number of new Tesla Superchargers (globally) - Q4 2021


During Q4, Tesla launched the Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot in the Netherlands to see how it works (the station's layout does not always allow for charging other EVs).

There is a new rumor that the peak power output will increase to 324 kW in the case of V3 Superchargers, which are currently rated at up to 250 kW. There is also a V4 version in the pipeline. The rumor builds on the official info that the company works to increase the peak output to 300 kW and beyond in the future.

Tesla Superchargers peak output:

Meanwhile, the refreshed Tesla Model S/Model X received CCS Combo 2 charging inlet ahead of market launch in CCS2 markets.

Number of Tesla Superchargers (globally) - Q4 2021

As of the end of the quarter, Tesla increased the cumulative number of Supercharging stations and stalls to:

  • 3,476 stations - 36% more than a year ago
  • 31,498 individual connectors (stalls) - 35% more than a year ago
  • 9.1 connectors (stalls) per station on average - 0.2% less than a year ago

The network is more than three times bigger than it was four years ago.


If all of the stalls were powered simultaneously, even at 100 kW average, it would be over 3 GW of power.

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