A brand new refreshed Tesla Model X was recently spotted in Norway, ahead of the upcoming market launch (of the refreshed Model S/Model X) in Europe.

The car, shown by otKris with a photo credit to EspenLimstrand, appears to be the latest upgraded version - with a native CCS Combo 2 charging inlet - that was presented earlier this month in Taiwan.


This new version probably has - similar to the one shown in Taiwan - also new adaptive headlights and new taillights.

Tesla probably is testing the new Model X in Norway in cold weather conditions, just like it likely is with the Made-in-Germany Tesla Model Y.


The switch to the CCS2 charging inlet is a welcome change in markets outside of North America, South Korea, Japan, and China, where previously Model S/X were equipped with a charging inlet compatible with the European Type 2 AC (but utilized for both, AC and DC fast charging).

We knew that it was coming for a long time, at least since the launch of the Model 3 in Europe, when the company first decided to incorporate the CCS2. The first reports about the test Model S/Model X cars with CCS2 emerged in December 2021 (see here and here).

Drivers of the refreshed Model S/Model X will no longer have to use adapters to charge at CCS2 fast chargers and the peak power level might be increased too.

The Model 3/Model Y in Europe (and other CCS2 markets) were natively equipped with a CCS2 compatible charging inlet.

Tesla Supercharging stations were also retrofitted with stalls that have CCS2 plugs, which means that as far as charging is considered, new Tesla cars will be fully in line with the market.

Who knows, at some point in the future, Tesla might even decide to ditch the older plugs (compatible with the Type 2 AC) at Superchargers, but not as long as there is a substantial number of older cars in circulation.

See more about the upgraded Tesla Model X with CCS2 charging inlet in Taiwan:

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