The all-new BMW i4 appears to be a true Tesla fighter. It doesn't take a genius to see that the i4 is a four-door sedan with an eye-catching design, impressive performance, a first-rate interior, and loads of state-of-the-art tech features. The question will ultimately come down to whether or not people buy the new BMW electric sedan in large numbers.

The Tesla Model 3 is the industry leader when it comes to electric cars, and its lead is growing. In fact, the only EV that's talking notable market share from the Tesla electric sedan is its newer, larger sibling, the Tesla Model Y electric crossover.

That said, there are really few Model 3 rivals that are finding notable success. Many new electric cars impressed with their sales volume in 2021, including the Porsche Taycan, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Polestar 2, and more. However, none of these are direct Model 3 rivals for various reasons.

Sedans have fallen out of favor in the US due to the popularity of SUVs. However, Tesla has proven that sedans can still sell well. In fact, the Model 3 is the first EV to outsell gas-powered luxury rivals. For all of these reasons, it comes as no surprise carwow writes:

"Is the new BMW i4 better than the Tesla Model 3? Well, we’re here to find out!"

The publication spent some time with the range-topping BMW i4 M50, which makes 450 horsepower via two electric motors and an 81 kWh battery pack. According to carwow, the electric Bimmer delivered a real-world range of 186 miles.

Meanwhile, the uses two electric motors and a ~77 kWh battery pack to crank out 480 horsepower. Carwow pegs the Tesla's real-world range at 265 miles.

Inside, both EVs are impressive, at least based on carwow's assessment. The Model 3's interior is more modern and minimalistic, and it has a massive infotainment touch screen. The i4 also has a large screen, but it's not as big as the Tesla's. However, Tesla's interiors don't live up to the level of luxury, material quality, and fit and finish found in German luxury rivals.

Carwow provided the following topics and timestamps to navigate through the video, so we'll leave you to it:

00:00 Intro
00:43 Exterior Design
03:59 Interior
09:18 Price
10:37 Back Seats
12:55 Practicality
14:33 Batteries & Performance
16:12 Driving - Tesla Model 3
18:58 Driving - BMW i4
22:03 0-60mph
23:23 Verdict

Once you've had a chance to check out the detailed comparison review, let us know what you think of the BMW i4. Will it rise up to be a true Tesla Model 3 rival?

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