The Internet is full of new videos and reports about every new version of Tesla's Full Self Driving Beta feature and Autopilot driving, as it's surely interesting tech that was hardly imaginable 10 years ago.

However, the recent unfortunate example of driving on FSD underlines two very important things - it's not a fully functioning system of autonomous driving and that the full responsibility falls on the driver.

David Giglio has posted a video that shows how the driver's side wheels of a Tesla hit a curb when driving on FSD Beta. The disappointed driver later figured out that the wheels were damaged.

"Tesla full self driving beta FSD beta 10.8 was great until it destroyed 2 wheels and tires.

Tesla FSD Beta 2021.44.25.6 was off to a great start until it suddenly slammed both front and rear driver wheels into a curb, severely damaging both wheels and clearly needing an alignment."

As far as we know, Tesla's computer is not yet ready to avoid potholes and it can also hit curbs from time to time, which means that the drivers should remain very cautious while using those features, especially outside simple driving scenarios (highways or low-speed traffic).

Tesla will not take any responsibility and will not cover costs:

"Tesla service notified me they will not pay for the damage, so I suggest everyone forget using autopilot / FSD until it’s ready for real world driving conditions unless you don’t mind paying out of pocket for any deficiencies in its driving abilities."

David Giglio's channel contains also a few other, unfortunate Tesla-related videos as in 2020, his Tesla Model S Performance was destroyed by a valet. Well, it's pretty bad when you can't trust anyone, humans or computers:

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