YouTube channel TEDActuallyTalks recently published a new video about the Rivian R1T. While the video is supposed to be about the owner's initial impressions – since he's only had the electric pickup truck for a few weeks – there's actually loads of information packed into about 20 minutes.

The Rivian R1T is officially the first electric truck to come to market in the US, ahead of upcoming offerings from legacy automakers, including Ford and GM. The F-150 Lightning should hit dealers in the spring of 2022. GM just launched the Hummer EV pickup truck and teased its upcoming Silverado and Sierra EVs, which are planned for 2023. Tesla says its Cybertruck will begin volume production in 2023. Get ready for an interesting couple of years.

Despite being first, Rivian took its time getting its initial vehicles ready for launch – which include the R1T, R1S three-row electric SUV, and Amazon electric delivery van – and it seems it was worth the wait.

While some people are likely just learning about Rivian, the automaker has been around in various capacities for many years. In fact, Rivian has moved around the country a bit, changed its name, and revamped its overall product plans. For this reason, some skeptics have doubted that the EV maker would ever find success and begin deliveries, but it has beaten the odds. Now, Rivian has to prove it can produce and deliver vehicles at scale.

At any rate, the Rivian R1T is a very unique product in many ways. While it's not a full-size pickup truck, it's certainly not small either. Regardless of its footprint, it's incredibly capable. The R1T especially shines in off-road situations, though its towing and hauling capacities are quite impressive as well.

If you've been following the news surrounding the R1T, you probably already know all about its "Adventure Vehicle" claims, but what about its functionality as a daily driver? More specifically, what about its interior controls, features, and technology? 

Check out the video for answers to all of your questions. We look forward to upcoming videos from TEDActuallyTalks that focus on the R1T's driving characteristics. Visit the YouTube channel by clicking on the source link below. There, you'll find some shorter, more focused videos highlighting the electric truck's UI, storage, and more, such as the video below:

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