Consumer Reports recently tested out Tesla's new in-car cameras which were activated earlier this year. The publication found the "cabin cameras" failed to keep driver attention on the road, with drivers in their test still being able to use their mobile phones whilst Autopilot was engaged. 

Equally, if the camera was blocked autopilot could still be activated. Meanwhile, FSD BETA software could also be used when the camera's view was obscured. 

Consumer Reports manager for vehicle technology, Kelly Funkhouser, stated the following: 

“It is proven that drivers pay less attention to the road when a vehicle is automating some driving tasks, and therefore they may have trouble reacting in time in an emergency if they need to take back control."

Consumer Reports noted that Tesla's decision to add in-car cameras was a step in the right direction, but ultimately they are still lagging far behind GM and their Super Cruise setup. CR mentioned that Super Cruise delivers multiple warnings when it notices a driver is disengaged, and is designed to clearly outline what the driver's responsibilities are.

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