Earlier this month, Tesla notified Model Y Long Range RWD reservation holders to change their orders, effectively confirming reports from February 2021 that the planned Model Y base variant won’t happen anymore.

While people who ordered a Model Y LR RWD can choose a different Model Y variant or another Tesla EV and pay the price difference, some of them want to know whether Tesla will honor the old pricing for the optional Full Self-Driving package.

Initially, Tesla said it planned to honor the price of the FSD suite in effect at the time customers reserved their vehicles. Still, the EV maker seems to have had a change of heart in the meantime, according to the personal experience of one reservation holder who wishes to remain anonymous.

Teslarati reports that on December 8, Tesla contacted the Model Y LR RWD reservation holder via email to let them know that the order must be changed.

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“We’re contacting you regarding your Model Y order [VIN] placed on March 15, 2019. We’d like to help you update your configuration, as we do not build the configuration you originally selected. We’re excited to support you through the process and deliver your reconfigured Model Y at your earliest convenience.”

The customer agreed to pay the additional cost of the vehicle but requested Tesla to honor the initial FSD pricing seeing as they were forced to choose a new vehicle over two and a half years after placing the order.

“I tried to update the design, but the price jumped $20,000! And full-self-driving is now $10K, when I first reserved it, it was less than half that price. Can TESLA honor my original price for FSD since I’m an early adopter?”

The answer from the Tesla staff was far from what the customer was hoping for.

“Thank you for your note. We will not be honoring any previous pricing. Once you update your configuration it will update to the current pricing.”

We’re curious what is your take on this, do you think Tesla is right to update old orders to the new FSD pricing? After all, is this particular customer guilty that the company wasn’t able to honor an order dating back to March 2019? If you're in a similar situation, please let us know if you received similar emails from Tesla.

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