We've been waiting for the news that Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.7 was rolling out, and it appears that's already the case. However, interestingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Friday, December 17, 2021, that FSD 10.8 "plus holiday fun software release" was coming "probably Tuesday."


Musk was almost certainly referring to Tuesday, December 21, 2021, so we'll be keeping our eyes out tomorrow. You really never know with Musk, he could have meant Tuesday in two weeks. What's arguably more interesting is the holiday fun software release. What could it be?

With regard to 10.8, we assumed maybe Musk just mistyped or got a bit ahead of himself. However, someone replied with "no 10.7?" Musk answered, "10.8 is so close, so just jumping to that." 


Not long after the related tweets and replies, Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.7 started rolling out anyhow. Maybe Musk didn't touch base with his team or something changed? We really have no way of knowing at this time. The whole FSD rollout has been messy, to say the least.

Clearly, these numbers have become arbitrary. Musk could have said Tesla is skipping right to Version 11. That said, as we've been watching on social media, it seems Version 10.6 marked a big step forward for a majority of Tesla FSD Beta testers, at least for those who are vocal about the software.

For those unaware, every few weeks, Tesla pushes out an over-the-air software update to all cars equipped with the paid Full Self-Driving Beta technology package, provided the vehicle owner has achieved a Tesla Safety Score of 98 or better. However, the plan is to continue to expand the rollout to drivers with scores of 97, 96, etc.

Another reply to Musk's tweet questioned whether Version 10.8 would roll out to people with a Safety Score of 97. The CEO replied "probably."


Not only has Tesla started rolling out 10.7, despite Musk's tweet, but it also seems well planned out, as if this was the plan along. According to Tesla, the latest version has several much-needed updates, many of which have been repeatedly suggested by FSD Beta testers.

Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.7 release notes are as follows (Reddit via Electrek):

  • Improved object attributes network to reduce false cut-in slowdowns by 50% and lane assignment error by 19%.
  • Improved photon-to-control vehicle response latency by 20% on average.
  • Expanded use of regenerative braking in Autopilot down to 0 mph for smoother stops and improved energy efficiency.
  • Improved VRU (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, animals) lateral velocity error by 4.9% by adding more auto-labeled and simulated training examples to the dataset.
  • Reduced false slowdowns for crossing objects by improved velocity estimates for objects at the end of visibility.
  • Reduced false slowdowns by adding geometric checks to cross-validate lane assignment of objects.
  • Improved speed profile for unprotected left turns when visibility is low.
    Added more natural behavior to bias over bike lanes during right turns.
  • Improved comfort when yielding to jaywalkers by better modeling of stopping region with soft and hard deadlines.
  • Improved smoothness for merge control with better modeling of merge point and ghost objects positioned at the edge of visibility.
  • Improved overall comfort by enforcing stricter lateral jerk bounds in trajectory optimizer
  • Improved short deadline lane changes through richer trajectory modeling.
  • Improved integration between lead vehicle overtake and lane change gap selection.
  • Updated trajectory line visualization.

Phantom braking and "false slowdowns" have been a major issue for many Tesla owners with Autopilot, as well as FSD Beta. Another interesting point here is the claim that the latest update uses regen to help the software drive more smoothly while saving energy.

Will Tesla launch 10.8 tomorrow, before the full rollout of 10.7 is complete? What would be the point? Any guesses on the holiday fun software release? Start a conversation in our comment section below.

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