Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.5 just started to get our attention, and now, Version 10.6 has arrived. It seems that while 10.5 was the best version yet, which is to be expected if the technology is actually improving, 10.6 is already bringing positive attention to Tesla's controversial advanced driver-assist system.

It almost seems as if the chatter surrounding Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta technology was finally beginning to subside, not only from the testers themselves but also from the media and various organizations. This may be recognized as a positive since it likely means there haven't been any big surprises one way or the other.

That said, unless an FSD Beta update is problematic, we may not hear or see a whole lot about it after the version's initial launch. Every few weeks, Tesla is improving and updating the software and rolling it out to a large group of Tesla owners who have been chosen to test it.

Tesla's FSD Beta Version 10.6 has only been active for a very short time. However, it's pretty clear so far that the latest version is much better than all previous versions for a number of reasons, though we'll have to wait and see as testers begin to publish videos and share their impressions. 

What we do know is that Tesla focused on vision, object detection, and vehicle movement precision for the 10.6 update. Obviously, these are all areas that, if notably improved, would help make the car drive more smoothly and confidently, which would also make beta testers more confident with the technology's abilities.

Tesla released FSD Beta Version 10.6 internally on Friday, December 3, 2021. It must have been free of any "significant issues" because it started rolling out to the testing fleet over the weekend.


According to Teslarati, the latest version's official release notes are as follows. They were originally shared on Reddit by u/110110.

  • Improved object detection network architecture for non-VRUs (e.g. cars, trucks, buses). 7% higher recall. 16% lower depth error, and 21% lower velocity error for crossing vehicles.
  • New visibility network with 18.5% less mean relative error.
  • New general static object network with 17% precision improvements in high curvature and nighttime cases.
  • Improved stopping position at unprotected left turns while yielding to oncoming objects, using object predictions beyond the crossing point.
  • Allow more room for longitudinal alignment during merges by incorporating modeling of merge region end.
  • Improved comfort when offsetting for objects that are cutting out of your lane.

As Tesla beta testers begin to publish more videos using Version 10.6, we'll cover it in greater detail. In the meantime, let us know what you've seen and heard so far. Do we have any FSD Beta testers in the audience?

Below is a look at FSD Beta version 10.5. You can read the related article by clicking here:

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