In October, Honda announced plans to launch five new electric vehicles in China under its new e:N Series of battery-powered models. 

The first two of them will come next year in the guise of the e:NS1 and e:NP1. Built by Honda’s two local joint ventures (Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda) and they are essentially the same vehicle: an all-electric version of the HR-V subcompact crossover.

Along with these ready-to-launch EVs, Honda has also showcased three striking concept vehicles that preview its next-generation electric cars based on the e:N Architecture, a dedicated EV platform developed exclusively for the e:N Series.

Named e:N Coupe, e:N SUV, and e:N GT, they envision a two-door coupe, an SUV, at least one of which will start production in 2024 at new dedicated EV production plants constructed at both GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda.

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Sharing the e:N Design identity, these concept cars feature monolithic proportions, sharp edges, and front end layouts, including the light signatures. The e:N SUV will probably be the first to arrive, which is likely why Honda brought it to the Guangzhou Motor Show last month. That's where the walkaround video above has been shot by the China Auto Show YouTube channel.

The concept looks really wild and has nothing in common with Honda’s current styling language other than the badge. It resembles the Tesla Cybertruck more than any of the Japanese automakers' current models. The e:N SUV features sharp edges, a low glasshouse and an unusual tailgate whose window doesn’t span the entire width of the car.

Speaking of edges, those glass “shields” attached to the front and rear fenders that form sharp tips at the headlight/taillight level are likely just for show; we can’t imagine such an element would be deemed road-worthy by regulators, especially at the front.

The windows are fully tinted so we can’t take a look at the interior, likely because Honda hasn’t built a prototype cabin yet. 

The production variants of the e:N SUV, e:N GT and e:N Coupe concepts will launch within the next five years, giving Honda plenty of time to tone down their designs. Honda plans to introduce a total of 10 e:N Series models in China, some of which—if not all—will be exported globally. Would you like the e:N SUV to be one of them?

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