Honda has released details on its electrification strategy for China, announcing five new electric vehicles it plans to launch in the country.

Two of them will soon enter production at Honda’s joint ventures in China: the e:NS1 (built by Dongfeng Honda) and the e:NP1 (GAC Honda). If you think they look familiar, it’s because they’re based on the new Honda HR-V, at least in the looks department.

Honda did not reveal many details about these models (pictured here as special editions), but it did say they will both go on sale in spring 2022 in China, offering “sporty and exhilarating driving unique to Honda.” Both models are part of Honda’s new e:N Series of EVs, of which the Japanese automaker plans to introduce 10 models over the next five years and export them globally.

Honda is previewing three of these future e:N Series models in concept car form: the e:N Coupe, e:N SUV, and e:N GT, which appear to envision a two-door coupe, an SUV, and a four-door GT. Since the carmaker plans to start sales of these new models within the next five years, they will obviously suffer styling changes compared to these concepts. 

Gallery: Honda e:N Series EV Concepts

However, these design studies should offer a pretty good idea of what to expect, namely a common e:N Design identity “that lets people feel the future upon the first glance and touch of these vehicles.” Highlights include the monolithic proportions, sharp edges, as well as the shared light signatures and front end layouts. 

Honda did not share many details about the upcoming family of EVs but said they will be built on the e:N Architecture developed exclusively for the e:N Series. This EV-only platform will enable “a sporty and exhilarating driving experience.” 

We also learn that the e:N Series will feature the e:N OS, an integrated system consisting of Honda Sensing, Honda Connect and a smart Digital Cockpit, said to create a safe and pleasant “space” for its customers’ mobility.

Honda’s e:N Series models will be built at new dedicated EV production plants that will be constructed at both GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, with the aim of starting production in 2024.

Besides product development, Honda will also focus on sales and production, including securing a stable battery supply. The company will launch dedicated e:N dealerships in major cities of China and will accelerate the collaboration with its strategic alliance partner, CATL, to further strengthen its battery supply system.

In the virtual press conference that you can watch in the above video, Honda has also pledged to launch only electrified models in China from 2030 (hybrids and battery-electric vehicles).

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