Norway is the EV capital of the world, and people there have loads of choices when it comes to electric cars. That said, the Tesla Model Y is their favorite, at least according to the results of the People's Favorite competition.

According to TeslaratiDinSide, Dagbladet, and Elbil24 hosted the 2022 competition in Norway. The Model Y was voted the 2022 Car of the Year – People’s Favorite, making it the third Tesla vehicle to win the award over the years.

The Tesla Model 3 won the same award in 2020. In addition, back in 2014, the Tesla Model S was Norway's Car of the Year – People's Favorite. In 2021, the award went to the Polestar 2.

The Model Y earned some 20 percent of the total votes, racking up 5,975 votes out of a total of 30,637 people who responded. While the Tesla crossover only got 20 percent of the votes, it still received more than any other rival.

An important takeaway from this is that even though the Model Y was the winner, several other EVs received plenty of votes as well, even though gas-powered cars are eligible for the same award. In fact, the top 10 list for the award was mostly made up of electric vehicles, with the Kia EV6 in second place, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 in third place, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E in sixth. Norway is setting an example the world should follow, and it seems the time has finally come. 

DinSide says the Model Y earned extra votes thanks to its roomy cabin and cargo hold, though some people said the Tesla SUV should have a heavier total load capacity. Per Teslarati, Tesla Norway’s communication manager Sandvold Roland shared that the Model Y:

“... is easy to drive and user-friendly to operate. It has a number of practical solutions that make it even better for Norwegian families, and with access to our charging network, customers can drive from Lindesnes to the North Cape without thinking about different apps, payment pages, and charging chips.”

The Model Y quickly rose to become Norway's best-selling electric car after its launch there in August. As of September, Tesla has sold 3,564 Model Y crossovers in Norway.

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