The couple that runs the Lockett Tech YouTube channel just put out this fun video about the Tesla Model Y. What makes it fun? Well, they're just a silly fun couple who love their Model Y, but they wanted to point out some interesting issues and quirks that potential buyers should be made aware of before taking delivery.

Lockett Tech makes it clear that "hate" is a strong word. However, there are just some issues with the Model Y – mostly software-related and likely amplified by a recent over-the-air software update – that are arguably sure to irritate the heck out of anyone. This is especially true when these concerns happen over and over and over again. The channel explains:

"In this video we talk about the top 5 things we HATE about our Tesla Model Y . We know...hate is such a strong word...we really do love our Tesla Model Y overall. But maybe 'The top 5 things that annoy the crap out us and you should be aware of before buying a Tesla' ... sorry, that wouldn't fit on the thumbnail."

We'll be honest to say we have the same issue with titles. What you really WANT to say typically doesn't fit in the space provided, so you have to condense the title with words that may end up being considered misleading.

At any rate, Lockett Tech says its Model Y's safety features have been ridiculous lately, especially after a recent software update. It's constantly alerting them that there's an issue that isn't really an issue, such as constant forward collision warnings for no good reason. 

A second issue is related to the Model Y's "phone as key" feature, which the couple says is often problematic. Third, the Tesla has a terrible smell, which they initially blamed on their teenage boy. The smell is most noticeable on days with rain or high humidity.

The couple says the Model Y's fourth issue could be a positive or a negative depending on your situation. The electric crossover has impressive range compared to most rivals, which is a good thing. However, in cold weather, they're not always able to go on the same road trips they could do in a gas car, at least not without having to stop and Supercharge. Fortunately for them, there are plenty of Tesla Superchargers close by, and the charging sessions are quick and easy.

Finally, the last annoyance is that getting parts for a Tesla is much like getting a Tesla in the first place. You'd better be prepared to wait a very long time. That said, nearly every automaker is experiencing delivery delays and parts delays right now thanks to the global chip shortage. However, it seems Tesla's parts situation has always been a concern.

To be honest, we've heard many other Model Y owners point out similar issues, though most still say they love the electric crossover. Would any of these five issues irritate you enough to avoid buying a Model Y? Are there any other notable issues with the Model Y that Lockett Tech failed to mention? Leave us your takeaways and advice in the comment section below.

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