As soon as you start watching this video, it becomes pretty clear that this guy seems ticked off. As expected, there's a flow of accusing comments on the YouTube channel. That's because this Tesla Model Y owner says he hates just three things, and some people would say they're minor or they're things that he could have easily researched before buying the car, but instead, he is going to sell it.

The new Tesla owner actually goes so far as to say that the car doesn't even have basic functionality, though he never expands on that. Let's be clear here, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no one should take ownership of a car or keep a car they're unhappy with. If it's going to tick you off every day you jump inside, you shouldn't keep it. Moreover, he says when you spend $77,000 on a car, there has to be some expectation that it will have a certain level of perfection, and that's certainly a fair expectation. So what's the deal?

YouTuber Hayden Bowles says the Model Y Performance is his first new car. He also says that he did his homework before buying it. Bowles explains that if he knew about these three things before buying, he wouldn't have pulled the trigger. However, he also says that none of the issues were ever mentioned by anyone else online.

Interestingly, Bowles says that overall he'd probably give the Model Y a good rating if he had bought it to be his only daily driver. However, he only bought it for road trips, and it's a bad choice for that. Wouldn't it be nice to buy a $77,000 electric Tesla Performance model just for road trips?

At any rate, his biggest issue is the angle of the headrest, which you can't alter. His second issue is that his road trips will take longer than they did in a gas car due to the charging and range situation and the fact that the Model Y's estimated range is misleading. 

Added to this, Bowles' third problem is that he thought an efficient car would charge much faster. He says Tesla is just no far enough along with its Supercharger network, and he'll have to waste too much time charging. We haven't heard much about the headrest, but it's surprising that Bowles couldn't find anyone else online that has ever shared the charging situation related to electric cars.

Let us know what you think of Bowles' assessment of the Tesla Model Y. Do you agree with these issues? Are they deal-breakers for you?

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