YouTuber Cody Steck has a channel that focuses on "Money And Real Estate." While money is interesting to many people, and real estate is interesting to some, his channel actually covers all sorts of compelling topics. It's really more of a "how-to" channel about the financial and housing market, as well as life hacks in general. For these reasons, his Tesla Model Y review got our attention.

Steck has owned the Tesla crossover for five months. Of course, that's not long enough to do a full-scale cost-of-ownership analysis or talk about high-mile issues, but it's definitely more than enough time to form some solid opinions about the all-electric crossover.

We weren't sure what to expect from the video since the title says "regrets" and "the truth." However, Steck makes it clear right away in the video description that the Model Y is amazing, but he points out some negative aspects. He feels Tesla has done many things right, though there are still a few it could improve on.

We've surely heard that before, and it seems more and more YouTubers are banking on the "regrets," and "truth" and questioning titles to get people's attention. However, regardless of the intent or the title, it doesn't mean the content will be good or bad, or negative or positive for that matter. In fact, a few commenters said they were worried that the review was going to turn them off to the Model Y, but instead, it gave them peace of mind to follow through with buying one.

Check out the video to learn why Steck thinks the Model Y is amazing, and also what improvements he'd ask Tesla to make. Once you've watched, let us know if you agree or disagree by scrolling down and leaving a comment below.

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