Wow! This is a really refreshing video in a world full of arguably obnoxious Tesla and Elon Musk love, as well as Tesla hate that's gone to the point of crazy stock manipulation, social media doxxing, and even violence.

Editor's Note: You may hear an inappropriate word in the video here of there, though overall it's not offensive.

This Tesla Model 3 owner lays on the sarcasm thick, pokes fun at "Tesla experts," mocks the whole situation, and makes us laugh out loud, all while actually providing valuable information for prospective Tesla buyers. Since he owns a Model 3, we know he doesn't hate the car or hate Tesla, but he's wise enough to point out all the ridiculousness that's published online.

Comedian, digital artist, and self-proclaimed "Professional Tesla YouTuber" Emmet Short takes us for a silly ride as he compares and reviews the Tesla Model Y and Model 3. He says, no matter what, by the end of the video you'll know exactly which car is right for you, even if you like the other car better. Short makes it clear that your opinion doesn't matter, since only his opinion is correct. But, you're entitled to your opinion on his opinion of your opinion.

Short was sad that there just aren't enough videos about the Tesla Model Y. So, during a visit to his parent's house, he checks out the new all-electric crossover to prepare a detailed report. This way, he can decide for you if it's better than the Model 3. Short warns that the video is packed with opinions, so if you have an opinion that's different from his, this gives you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

He compares the Model Y and Model 3's zero-to-60-mph times, saying that it really doesn't matter, as long as your passengers shout with excitement. How about top speed? Well, you've got 135 mph or 145 mph. Short says he won't be going either of those speeds, though if he hit 135 mph, he'd probably mess his pants, so 145 mph is surely unnecessary. Short goes on to say, if you plan on taking advantage of these performance specs, get the black interior.

Some people have an issue with the Model Y's bulbous body style, but as Lizzo says, body shaming is bad. Meanwhile, the Model 3 looks more like a real sports car, which means Tesla should discontinue it since those cars are always involved in terrible things.

We could go on and on with the jokes here, but you'll have a much better experience by simply watching the short video. Check it out, laugh out loud, and leave us a comment below.

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